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Fitness Central

Overweight? Join!

Overweight? Trying to lose weight? Join! Personal
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Are you overweight? Making an attempt to slim down? Then Join! This is a community that I designed, initially to only share my experiences and stories but decided that it would be a great chance to share it with other people's experiences as well. I know there are a TON of other communities for this as well, but keep in mind a lot of information out there is misleading and false. Here, it's only about making healthy, good choices in an honest effort to get in shape! Here, it's for all of us to come together and support one another, and even lend advice.

This is NOT a community for people who are supporting anorexia or bulemia! This is for those who want to lose weight in a healthy manner. Who eat right, workout and need or want encouragement from others. This includes not using diet pills, that is another DANGEROUS situation people are facing themselves with. If you wanna lose the pounds, it's just gonna take time. If it was easy, NOBOBDY would be having struggles or problems or seek help. I know I will be documenting my progress on this site, and I'm not afraid to reveal anything about myself (weight wise) here. This is what I made this community for. Please, feel free to share stories, struggles, advice, anything! I want this to be a very laid back atmosphere. Have fun and good luck!

PS -- In addition, I'm not planning on making this community "flashy" w/ pictures or anything like that, just a plain jane site. BUT don't feel like you can't post pics, if you like, your welcome to. I'm referring to maybe "Before & After" shots perhaps, if you want to use that as a way of documenting your progress, that's fine with me. I think everyone joining this community has the sense to know what's appropriate and what isn't. I don't have to say, I trust all of your judgement. The only thing I ask, support each other and please don't be shy, introduce yourself and we'll all be successful in time! :)