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Ok, I gave in to weighing myself.....couldn't wait..

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Ok, kinda pissed. I thought that I was 205 at my house when I was last there and weighed myself. At the doctor's office, however back a long while ago, I was 220lbs, so I didn't know what to believe. Finally, bought a scale tonight. Currently I'm at 208. So, if the doctor's office, scale was right, then I've lost about 12 lbs so far, which rox sox!! I have to keep track for sure from now on, now...WHOA only 9 lbs and I'll be beneath the 200 benchmark! YES!

*NOTE* Actually, I weighed myself at night tonight. They recommend that you weigh yourself first thing in the morning, after you go to the bathroom, and before you eat. I just did it tonight out of anxiousness. So, typically, on average, there is a 5 lb difference or so between morning and night. So, actually, I figure that I'm around 203 or so!! Which I guess I'll find out tomorrow :)

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On January 31st, 2006 08:38 am (UTC), vesperholly commented:
You shouldn't be pissed - 12 lbs, that's awesome!! Keep it up! Soon 200 will be a distant memory. :D

Two years ago I had a physical, and my weight was down from the last doctor's visit for the first time in years and years. That was especially gratifying because doctor's scales always have me heavier than at home. I always weigh myself in the morning. My scale is a piece of crap, though - if I stand with my feet close together in the center, it will shave off two or three pounds!
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On February 1st, 2006 02:05 am (UTC), girly28_145 replied:
well i'm only pissed b/c i'm not sure what my initial weight was when i started and exactly how much i've lost up til now....but it's all good :)
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