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Well, I have an admittance to make. I thought that I could eat the same thing for two months straight. Now, this IS do-able for breakfast and lunch but by the time dinner rolls around, oy vey, soup and salad EVERYDAY, I really needed a switch up, BAD! So, instead, I tried a Lean Cuisine, which had roasted garlic chicken w/ spinach in parmasean sauce, which was only a grand total of 7 grams of fat and around 190 calories!!! Then a small cup of cream of mushroom soup, a dinner roll and water. Now, THIS feels more like dinner. Not to mention, it's still healthy, and there are a lot of different varieties in Lean Cuisine, so I think that's a pretty good thing to switch it up to, every now and then :)
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On January 27th, 2006 01:38 am (UTC), girly28_145 commented:
MMmmmm, that sounds delicious, and pizza's are a definate weakness lol...I'll have to see if they have that in the convenience store downstairs!
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